Agency Checklist:

  • Risk Analysis of mitigating actions including accountability, due diligence (overlaps with other areas)
  • Fee Structure
  • The strategy
  • Full Service Offer (specialist areas – are we outsourcing)
  • Are we running a pilot of this campaign in a certain geography?
  • What is the Value Proposition (incl. USP)
  • Budget
  • Measurement – Recall; Awareness; Sales Figures

This page looks at what goes on behind the Cadbury Pitch assignment, the who, how, what, where and when. In particular exploring:

  • The Assignment
  • The Project Plan
  • YellowPurpleBrown – the full service agency

The Assignment

Your full service advertising agency has been short listed with 2 other agencies to pitch for a major brand revision by Cadbury’s. The brief is in relation to their flagship product – Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

The problem is that Cadbury’s can no longer use the slogan ‘1½ pints of milk per 200g bar’ which is a core brand value built up over many years. In addition there is a perceived threat to sales from the growth in popularity of ‘continental’ style chocolate and more luxurious brands such as Lindt and Hotel Chocolate. Cadbury’s want a fresh creative approach and an integrated marketing communications plan to respond to these changes which will defend against erosion to market share and increase sales.

1.0 Produce a report to support your ‘pitch’ for the new account (1500 words) 50% of the marks, and
2.0 Present your ‘pitch’ for this account (20 Mins) 35% of the marks. This is a ‘professional’ presentation and you are expected to dress and prepare visual aids appropriate to a presentation to the client to win the account.

A brief individual essay (5oo words) reflecting on

• How well the group worked together
• How you organised the allocation of specific tasks within the group
• What particular challenges your group faced and how you addressed them
• What new skills you had to acquire and how you went about achieving them
• What specific learning points you will carry forward to future modules/dissertations/career planning.


As well as academic marketing communications texts and research papers (Google Scholar is a good source of these) you should monitor broader market and business environment using Keynote reports, on line sources and activities in the media. Marketing magazines such as ‘Marketing’, ‘Campaign’ and ‘Marketing Week’ may also be useful.

Completion Dates

Task 1: Report – 11/1/11
Task 2: Presentation – 12/1/11
Task3: Essay & Peer review forms – 19/1/11


YellowPurpleBrown is the name of our full service agency, we go beyond just the creatives building in consumer insight, competitive positioning and then creatively developing the one big idea that is delivered as part of an Integrated Marketing Campaign and we ensure that internal marketing is sensitively handled bringing you the whole package. The key areas we cover include:

  • Consumer Insight
  • Customer Profiling
  • Creatives
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Production
  • Full Project Management
  • Design
  • PR
  • Digital
  • Paper / Magazine Campaigns
  • TV
  • Events / Roadshows
  • IMC
  • Internal Marketing Promotion

We have a broad network of specialists on hand to consult in any specific area that is not immediately catered for in-house for example prototype developers or in-flight advertising specialists.

The Project Plan

The initial meeting was a chance to have an initial brainstorm and discuss the structure of this project moving forward. It was agreed that all should contribute to the different areas of the project, with individuals having a primary focus and acting as lead on clearly defined elements:

Natasha Allden – Account Director
Pierre-Michel Dusserre – Competitor Analysis & Industry Research
Shailesh Iyer – Creative Director
Natalia Meersohn – Consumer Insight & New Product Design
Maria Jose Serres – Media Planning Executive

It was agreed that the Account Director and the Creative Director would be the main presenters.

The teachings were reviewed and the key elements were detailed into a high level project plan (visualised using the mind map below) to ensure clarity and thoroughness from the project team moving forward, this is an active document and subject to changes going forward.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Work Plan

The next steps were to bring this project plan into a workflow and assign approximate dates. This exercise would ensure that we weren’t deviating unnecessarily and that we were keeping to the schedule (particularly important considering availability of the group over the Christmas period).

YellowPurpleBrown is a well established full service agency whose account managers work in a matrix management style with all in-house specialists from technical architects to media planners. Recognising that every client has different requirements we have built a strong network of specialists from all areas of industry our partners include; Endava…. This ensures that we bring in the right consultants for the right jobs.


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