Global Trend 2010 according the Food & Drink Federation:
Product Reformulation
The Food industry has worked hard to reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt in the products we eat, ensuring they are healthier but still taste great.
Research by independent consultancy Mintel revealed that over 700 product lines have been launched with new recipes since January 2007.
Mintel’s research also shows that the total sales of healthier eating options in some key food and drink categories are now worth £8bn – and in some areas are growing at twice the rate of the market as a whole, suggesting that consumers are welcoming industry’s provision of healthy eating options.

Example: Kraft Foods – Dairylea’s reformulation programme began in 2002.
“We want to offer people food choices that fit their lives. Our reformulation work aims to meet the challenge to improve nutrition without compromising on the quality and taste people expect from their favourite brands”
Nick Bunker, VP and Managing Director, Kraft Foods UK & Ireland

People in the UK want to limit fat, salt and sugar intake, look for a range of convenient choices and will not sacrifice delicious taste for health.
Kraft Foods has reduced salt by more than 30% across the Dairylea range since 2002 and continues to search for further improvements.

Guideline Daily Amounts
The Food industry has responded to rising concerns about how many people are overweight. It is estimated that in Britain nearly a quarter of adults and nearly a fifth of children are obese after increases in the last decade. This is not just because of what they eat. It’s also because they exercise much less – partly, again, because they have busier lives.

Example:Childhood Obesity Prevention

One key trend which has been apparent in the chocolate confectionery sector since the beginning of 2008 has been the success of retro-style products, marketed on a nostalgia platform. This trend was behind the reappearance of Cadbury’s Wispa countline, which initially appeared as a limited edition and is now a permanent fixture again. For the same reason, Cadbury is also returning Wispa Gold to the shelves, whilst Mars has reintroduced the Treets brand.


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