Internal Campaign

Internal Campaign Checklist:

  1. To kraft and cadbury’s?
  2. Pre-launch communication
  3. Getting Buy-in (particularly from key influencers (senior management)
  4. Managing Expectations
  5. Get feedback / comments (show that they have been considered in the process)
  6. Workshops and conitnuous online communication (intranet)
  7. Learning and incentivised participation (possibility)
  8. Campaign Launch Communication
  9. Campaign duration communication
  10. Post campaign communication

We found an article that explains Kraft position with Cadbury Dairy Milk and Milka: New Cadbury owner plugs ‘inferior’ Milka bar and chocolate lovers say it’s a Krafty move to sideline Dairy Milk

The article can be read at

Taking into consideration the internal unrest, YellowPurpleBrown are also reviewing the option of an internal marketing campaign that along with the increased revenue expected from the Dairy Milk launch will re-iterate the importance and value of the brand to Cadbury’s new owners and act as an appeal for its preservation.



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