Media Planning

Media Planning Checklist:

  1. Advertising purpose (i.e. to remind / re-inforce)
  2. Advertising object (i.e. persuade / remind)
  3. Media Rate Cards
  4. Consider Mullens Eco-System and: TV; Radio; Merchandise (your memory as a novelty chocolate); in-transport advertising; movie advertising; poster advertising (JC Deceaux); Point of Sale; In-game (health considerations)
  5. Repetitiveness & Frequency
  6. Graphically show timing and impact on sales (boosted Gartner’s Hype Cycle)
  7. Are we incorporating co-creation
  8. Costs (drive budget)
  9. Timings – consider lead times relating to TV slots

With a clear understanding of our target market, our big idea “moments”, our theme “what’s your moment” and the objective of the campaign “Improve the perceived quality of Dairy Milk, building on it’s heritage and customer loyalty, deliver a refined product to the 21-35 year old market that has got the legs to be carried in a share box, as a snack bar and as a novelty chocolate.” We had a media planning meeting to discuss where and how our concepting could be brought to life.

What’s your moment is a highly interactive campaign that is centred around the website (see IMC). Consumers get the opportunity to upload their CDM moment to this website, so becoming a video sharing site. The ‘incentive’ to drive this user generated content is to state that Cadbury’s will select some of the consumers top moments to make into their next advert (see media planning graph for dates). Not only will they have ‘fame’ incentive but all creators of chosen videos will be invited in to see how their video is made into an advert and get a free tour of the Cadbury factory.

This approach is building the peer-to-peer concept sweeping the web at the moment and not only engages consumers (raising loyalty and increasing product champions and above all sales) but keeps production costs to a minimum as the content is user generated and it is purely an editing exercise. This concept is highly scalable and can be tailored to boost sales throughout the year using campaigns like..”what is your christmas moment” for a specific Christmas ad. Noting that all advertising channels can be linked in i.e. print shows ads with stills from footage, on-road-events help record your moments etc.

As a side-line this further helps destroy the ‘unhealthy’ associations with chocolate by encouraging people to actually go and make a moment.


Primary – Remind and re-enforce Cadbury Dairy Milk with consumers
Secondary – Increase Sales
Tertiary – Drive traffic to the website

Using professional Getty / iStock footage pull together a number of visuals showing a moment this can be happy / sad / successful / funny etc. It is important that these clips which will produce a montage of moments that encompass as many different environments, people, seasons as possible. The music is essential as a background to the ad and ideally pulling on a British artist i.e. beatles to re-iterate the unique ‘britishness’ of the product.
The link between the clips is to have each person reaching for something at the end of that clip – it is only on the last clip that we see someone reaching for something and producing a CDM bar (power of suggestion). We then cut to the product window which re-iterates the brand, tag-line and the website (note that the website however is on screen throughout the ad). This ensures that we are reminding viewers about the brand, raising awareness and therefore sales and raising the profile of the campaign website ( and therefore driving traffic.

The Basics:
To help the production of this managed by our Creative Director (Shailesh Iyer), all team members searched for 3 pieces of footage and forward to Shailesh to pull together a pilot ad for review. It was agreed that the Ad should be no longer than 30seconds and will be looking at between 5-10 moments and allowing for the product window.

When (frequency) and Where (which channels):
At campaign launch the Ad would be showing in key TV slots (tbc) for a period of 8 weeks, frequency within that period TBC. 


Objective: Primary – encourage users to upload their moments
Secondary – raise awareness and engage consumers

The website is primarily a video sharing site that allows users to upload their footage (moderated) and comment on others and therefore build a community. Naturally the site will have strong links to the other digital channels and be a news/ information sharing point. These links include: FaceBook Page; Twitter Account; MySpace Page; YouTube Account.

To demonstrate this in our pitch our Media Planning Executive Maria Serres will draft a website homepage.

The Basics:
Consideration needed for hosting cost as this potentially could be high with a video sharing site. The website needs to be live throughout the campaign and as it is primarily user generated therefore there is little content required. However resources need to be made available to moderate, respond to and share news. The use of social media is to drive a viral campaign not only to raise brand awareness but to encourage engagement and get videos uploaded.

Primary – Remind and re-enforce Cadbury Dairy Milk with consumers
Secondary – Increase Sales
Tertiary – Drive traffic to the website

Broadsheet National Newspapers are primarily for more corporate PR purposes (i.e. what Cadbury is doing, how it is working from a business perspective) and ideally any Ads would only be done in conjunction with articles.
Tabloid National and free newspapers in the main cities i.e. The Sun; Daily Mirror; Metro; Evening Standard will be engaged (PR) to show the development of the campaign and use these daily papers as a platform to create a story around the campaign (what’s the latest upload, what’s the most popular etc). A weekly release during the 8 week campaign ensures this consistency.
Magazines – this is where advertisements will be run throughout the 8 week campaign (i.e. if monthly publication, place ad in two publications). The Ad will be one page and (budget dependent) be facing key editorial.

The design (being managed by our Media Planning Executive – Maria Serres) will be very visually appealing using the last frame from our TV ad showing the person with the CDM bar. In smaller text on the page the product name and website will be displayed. Importantly the tag-line will be showed prominently on the Ad.

PR Activity

Objective: Raise Awareness

Creative: Beyond the print press releases (as detailed in ‘Print’) the following activities will be implemented to further communicate the message of CDM and engage consumers:

  • Show active lobbying involvement i.e. a Cadbury representative becoming a key member on the FairTrade board, Trading Food Standards etc and write about this in the newspapers and online.
  • Co-ordinated launch day across the UK. In key towns and cities across the UK, Cadbury representatives give out free CDM snack bars whilst standing on an enormous purple spot, mini versions of the purple spot can be placed in key areas across the city /town with the name of where the purple spot (and free chocolate) is. By hinting to the press this will drive high profile publicity ideal for kick-starting the campaign. Representatives can also help raise awareness of what’s your moment.

The Cadbury Bus

Objective: Raise Awareness and engage consumers on the what’s your moment campaign

Creative: During the 8 week campaign a Cadbury Tour Bus will travel around the UK stopping in towns and villages to not only raise brand awareness but also engage consumers on the what’s your moment campaign by filming people in their moment. This also takes it to a local level and raises profile in local press.

The Basics: To run for the 8 week campaign.


Objective: Remind and inform listeners about the what’s your moment campaign

Creative: Run an audio ‘whats your moment’ and promote the product and campaign (details to be confirmed – Maria Serres)

Point of Purchase

Which retail outlets, where within the retail outlets, push campaign through the logistics chain….


  • Cadbury Cafe (maybe tie this in with tour bus)
  • Advertising within movies (ensuring snack and sharing product is available to purchase on-site)
  • Meal Deals (sandwich, drink and snack (CDM snack) package) key retailers: Boots, M&S, Tesco
  • Posters / Billboards

The Media Plan

The initial ‘What’s Your Moment’ campaign launches 1st August 2013 after the 2012 Olympics campaign has died down and outside of any key selling period to drive market awareness without high ‘noise’ impacts from other competitors. This initial campaign runs for a period of 8 weeks and (subject to success levels ie. level of engagement, sales numbers) can be re-dressed over the next 12 months as can be seen by the high level plan below:

Looking specifically at the eight week campaign the below high level diagram shows the key go live dates across the different platforms, in particular the publication dates.


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