Creative Brief and More

Creative Checklist:

  • What is the one big idea?
  • Does it meet with our insight driven theories?
  • Has it got legs?
  • AIDA
  • What is the tagline and headline on different medias?
  • Have we covered the concepting process: product; benefit; alternative; comparison; borrowed interest; testimonial/case study
  • What are the emotional drivers (postive pull / re-enforcement technique)
  • Covered basic design principles: proximity, alignment, repetition and contrast.
  • Deconstruct message and visuals
  • So What?

The Creative Brief

From our research and surveys we reconvened to clearly identify the objective of a new Cadbury Dairy Milk Campaign:

“Improve the perceived quality of Dairy Milk, building on it’s heritage and customer loyalty, deliver a refined product to the 21-35 year old market that has got the legs to be carried in a share box, as a snack bar and as a novelty chocolate.”

Building on this we established the value proposition for Dairy Milk as:

“A reminiscent chocolate giving you a tasty moment every bite”

The Big Idea, building on brainstorming activities we did a simple ladder exercise which identified a core theme from which to build:

Cadbury Dairy Milk Brand Ladder

From this the core theme identified was ‘MOMENTS’, the following were options developed from the Moments theme:

  • A moment everyday
  • Your daily moment
  • A tasty moment everyday
  • Enjoy my moments
  • Moments for everyone at anytime
  • Chocolate is your mate
  • My daily friend
  • For that moment in your day
  • Take a moment today

The final Big Idea incorporated the afore-mentioned and aimed to communicate expected consumer behaviour with key attribute(s) of the product.


Building from this is the key tag-line to be used across all platforms, as with everything underlined by the theme ‘moments’:

“A Moment in Every Bite”


Through a process of brainstorming we built on the big idea of moments and developed the theme “What’s Your Moment” this was tested against the different platfroms we aimed to execute our campaign on to ensure that it ‘had legs’ taking into account the integrated marketing campaign. See  a random list of considerations below, however for final execution of the concept across different media’s please see ‘Media Planning’ (

  • Nostalgic – building on heritage creating old style design on packaging
  • Dairy milk personified i.e. Yummy character
  • Memorable Moments
  • Cadbury Cafe
  • Cadbury 2012 olympic sponsors
  • Cadbury open to co-creation
  • Cadbury memorable moments – old TV ads
  • Online credit builds when you buy cadburys create an avatar in facebook
  • Currently Cadbury has ‘a moment of pleasure’

Has it Got Legs?

What’s your moment is a highly flexible campaign that provides scope for innovative re-invention over the period of the campaign and beyond. The print and posters carry the same message as the tv ad and the website and as can be seen from the IMC, there is full integration across all platforms. Importantly the ‘whats your moment’ campaign relies heavily on consumer involvement in so doing content is provided for future campaigns and acts as highly interactive and therefore engaging campaign.


Attention – The new product and package design, and unique moment concept engages consumers
Information –
The product champions it’s fair-trade status and emphasises the cocoa not the milk, improving it’s perceived quality and health associations
Desire –
Two desirable points – 1: want to taste it, 2: become part of the ‘whats your moment’ campaign
Action –
Call to action is to increase purchase (due to raised association / awareness) and join the ‘whats your moment’ campaign.

The product is promoted using a positive pull (association with moments) technique direct with consumers. However push techniques are used to promote the product via retailers and improve uptake on the logistic chain.


The design incorporates the recognised purple of Cadburys and maintains the same product name. However in a push to move away from the glass and a half full the current logo will be reduced in size and will be moved to a more discrete point on packaging (this won’t appear on any advertising), this ensures a smooth transition to new value proposition and campaign theme. The tag-line “What’s your moment” is prominent as is the website.

The tagline, product name and the purple colour is consistent in all designs. Visuals will be a primary focus (a thousand words in a picture) as this is an attention grabbing technique. A strong use of ‘space’ when positioning ad elements will ensure clarity of message. Importantly the tone of the ad needs to reflect the moment theme and may include stills from the TV ad footage.

Print Ad:

TV Ad:



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