Intergrated Marketing Campaign

IMC Checklist

  1. Have we got any cognitive disonance (incl. pricing)
  2. Is the theme / one big idea consistent through the channels
  3. Is the message consistent through the channels
  4. Can all channel activity be operationally managed within resource and budget constraints?
  5. Is the IMC scalable across all channels
  6. Do all channels feedback insight – are they measurable?
  7. Is there seamless integration between on and offline channels
  8. How is marketing down the logistic chain managed (push vs. pull); including buy-in, benefits, time, cost, engagement etc
  9. Validate IMC activity based on theories driven by analysis
  10. Does it align with the strategy

NB: importance of CRM to Cadbury, also on and off-line channels to explore plus integration across them.

The campaign is centralised round the website with the objective of creating not just a marketing campaign but a movement. With engagement and direct involvement from the consumers we aim to build a community¬† that doesn’t only demonstrate brand loyalty but generates influencers and brand champions. To ensure that this is achieved and the theme ‘what’s your moment’ needs to be clearly communicated seamlessly across all platforms.

The integrated marketing campaign ensures this by clearly linking all platforms (online and offline). The key point of integration is from the campaign to the actual product purchase and vice versa. This is achieved by coded wrappers that users can enter onto the site to log-in and register their moment.

The high level IMC illustration details the integrated approach to the Moments campaign:


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